PALDF (OTC Pink): $ 3.71 +0.02 +0.65% Volume: 679 May 24, 2017
PDL (TSX): $ 4.99 +0.00 +0% Volume: 300 May 24, 2017
PALLADIUM: $ 769.40 +0.90 +0.12% Volume: May 25, 2017
PLATINUM: $ 952.50 -1.50 -0.16% Volume: May 25, 2017


The success of our Company has been fueled by the entrepreneurial culture of NAP, where every employee has the opportunity and potential to make a difference in our operations.  Our people are expected to do and “Act Like Owners” ensuring the success of operations at the mine site.

Our vision is to become a low cost mid-tier precious metals producer and we recognize that the innovation, skills and dedication of our employees are what empower the Company to achieve its goals for growth and success every year.

Be Part of A Growing, Dynamic Team

Employee innovation & entrepreneurship are part of the big picture at NAP
Employee collaboration and innovation empowers NAP to achieve its progressive goals for growth every year. Employee contribution and entrepreneurship is encouraged. Individuals are respected for their ideas, and granted accountability for their work. Our scale of operations and team-oriented culture offers individuals the chance to bring ideas into action. We are looking for people that are committed, passionate and focused on achieving operational excellence.

Be involved with big decisions & make a difference at NAP
At NAP, hierarchy and bureaucracy gives way to teamwork and collaboration. As a result, the ideas and skills of each individual make tangible contributions to company accomplishments. Having a say in the decision-making process is one of the many benefits of working for a growing and entrepreneurial company.

A culture of community, strong ethics & pride
NAP operates in Canadian mining-friendly jurisdictions, with a keen focus on corporate governance, ethics, and the well being of every employee, making it a safe, professional and rewarding place to work.

Proving that our people matter by making safety, respect & training top priorities
Our commitment to workplace safety, mutual respect, and the wellbeing of our employees is, and always will be, our top priority. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We also encourage employees to excel in their work by providing the technical training and support to succeed, and credit them with fair compensation and benefits.

Poised to become one of the world’s lowest cost palladium producers
Through a major mine expansion, transition to a new mining method in 2016 (Sub-Level Shrinkage) and significant exploration upside, we plan to significantly increase our palladium production while lowering our cash costs per ounce, transforming LDI into a long life, low cost producer of palladium. NAP’s commitment to growth offers the opportunity for your career to advance.